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C Y C Logistics believes that a good technological basis is the ground to expedite your shipments; therefore our company has invested throughout the years in advanced software and technology in order to provide our customers with a fast and RELIABLE service. Thus, this allows us to offer our customers a personalized as well as an efficient service.

We simplify their life by offering a wide variety of shipping services to meet their deadlines.

We process and track their shipments and handle all necessary paperwork. 

We have daily flights to JFK and main US airports from Western Europe, China, Hong Kong and India and our consolidations are palletized carefully to avoid pilferage's.

While email and the internet have added efficiency and independence to many areas of life, some people still prefer to speak to a live person one-on-one. We get that.

That's why we take such great pride in our customer service standards.

Whether you’re simply inquiring about how our services could impact your business, or you have a special project, you'll get knowledgeable help from a well-informed professional.

No long waits over the phone. No business hours.

Instead, C Y C Logistics can be accessed anytime via E mail;

We will reply within 24 hours.

Our customer service gives you an immediate price for multiple options of transporting your shipments, and any special handling.