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C Y C LOGISTICS is experienced in moving goods by airfreight throughout the world. C Y C maintains regular and highly economic AIR consolidation services. It utilizes regular direct scheduled and all cargo carriers to and from all worldwide destinations on a daily basis: Asia, Europe, Caribbean and South America

We are able to offer your company access to hundreds of outbound flights departing the United States. In keeping with the TSA’s known shipper program we can offer services on freighters to unknown shippers as well. We have services all over the world and can have your shipments picked up, insured and exported in compliance with all government and industry regulations. We can also provide door-to-door services to selected countries.

Due to an ever increasing demand for shorter transit times internationally, we utilize premium air freight carriers with established routing for our consolidations. Many different options are available for the most competitive and reliable air freight forwarding service.

Door-to-door capabilities are extended to our clients through our international agent network. Operating on all major continents, we have the resources to ensure smooth clearance and delivery to the final destination.

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